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Event Organiser Claire Martin

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I began with Cheeki Monkeys a year ago in April 2015 ​and it's certainly been a huge learning curve!

I became an Event Organiser for two reasons - firstly, my 'proper' job was no longer challenging and I no longer enjoyed it and secondly, there weren't any baby and children's markets in my area. It seemed like the ideal solution to join Cheeki Monkeys as I could put my slightly OCD organisational skills to good use at the same time as being able to easily shop for pre-loved bargains for my own two cheeky monkeys.

I didn’t realise then how much more I would gain from it.

The manual that is provided when you join is brilliant! It really is ‘An Idiots Guide to…’ which covers everything from ‘how to secure a venue’ to ‘how to promote your event’ and loads of other information that you’d probably never even think about! Also, there is the Facebook Forum where other Organisers from all over the UK will help. It sounds very clichéd but it really is like one big Cheeki Monkeys family even though you’ve never met most of these people! With 130+ Event Organisers, there are plenty of people that will share their experiences which helps others to learn quickly. In addition, Gemma and Craig are always on the end of the telephone or an email if you need them. They work tirelessly to support us with our business at ridiculous times of the day and night!

Another great reason to be part of the Cheeki Monkeys team is that you will be eligible for special rates for event insurance, printing leaflets, banners, etc. and all the digital artwork is provided for free too, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds.

Organising successful events requires time and dedication to build up the brand in your area. If you’re lucky though, you’ll have another Cheeki Monkey close by which really helps your advertising as people are already familiar with the company. After a year, I am still not in a position to leave my career for good but I am well on the way to making this dream become a reality. However, it fits in well with looking after my two pre-school children as I can mostly work in the evenings when they are in bed. Most importantly though is that I get paid to have fun – it’s a very sociable job and you get to meet some wonderful stallholders along the way.

I am proud to be building my own business and working for myself for a change. Hopefully, one day, it will inspire my own children to strive for the same success through hard work, self-belief and a lot of determination.

Claire Martin

Cheeki Monkeys Event Organiser (Nuneaton and Atherstone)


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