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Health & safety tips to consider for both sellers and buyers when attending our events.
 Things to be aware of...

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Car seats are one of few items that you should buy brand new as even minor collisions can cause unseen damage that compromise your baby's safety.


These should be stable, clean and hygienic with both the fabric and tray intact. Look for a model with a secure, 5 point harness and proper feet rather than wheels.




Make sure any secondhand pushchair complies to the latest safety standards (BS 7409:1996 or EN 1888), feels stable and has a 5 point harness. It should be fitted with two separate locking devices to stop it collapsing, the brakes should be in good working order and the tyres should be evenly but not excessively worn. You should also check the pushchair is clean, intact and comes with full instructions.


When buying secondhand toys you should check for the CE or Lion mark as this will signify they have been approved as safe for use in the UK. You should also make sure they are in good shape, with no broken parts or sharp corners. Toys should come with their instructions and be appropriate for your child's age.


When looking to buy a secondhand cot you should check it conforms to safety standard BSEN716, has no large cut out designs that baby could trap themselves in, and bars spaced no wider than 45mm - 65mm apart (roughly the size of a fizzy drink can). The cot should be stable and clean with no flaking paint or splintering wood.


The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths recommend that you buy a new mattress for each new baby as this can help to reduce the risk of cot death. For this reason it is a good idea to buy a brand new, good quality mattress for your baby even if you are buying a secondhand cot. Do make sure that the mattress fits the cot well though.


Providing they are in good quality and you wash them before your baby wears them, secondhand clothes are usually a safe bet. Do make sure you avoid items with draw strings around the neck, loose buttons and leather shoes (as these will have moulded to the previous wearers feet). It's also important to check the label for fire advice. Baby clothes approved safe for wear in the UK will usually state 'low flammability to BS5722' in black labels or 'keep away from fire' in red labels on the label.


If you are thinking of buying a secondhand electrical item such as a steam steriliser, mains powered bottle warmer or night-light for your child's nursery then first consider the following:For health & safety reasons the law states that all secondhand electrical items must be tested properly by a competent person before being sold and must include the manufacturer's instruction manual.

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