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Hints and tips to help make sure that your next event a success...

Spread the Love

Let’s begin with marketing, get the word out early! Once you have booked your stall please visit our spread the love page and shout-out about Cheeki Monkeys Nearly New Baby Sales. There is a generic downloadable flyer which you can use to promote our events on your social media accounts (simply right-click to Download/Save the Flyer). Frequent posts on your social media accounts will help generate greater awareness about our events and attract more buyers.


If you would like specific event social media images or some flyers to hand out, please contact your local event organiser direct. You can find links to their social media accounts and the contact details for your event organiser on their event page of our Events Calendar
Cheeki Monkeys carry out extensive marketing campaigns to bring buyers to you. You should also let people know that you are attending the event... the more attendees > the more you will profit.

Stand out in the crowd

Our BIGGEST yet simplest tip is to SMILE. A smile works wonders for attracting buyers so make sure you bring your best one, you'll be amazed > it works like a magnet!
Be happy and enjoy the day, no matter how bad you feel, this is your chance to make some money and your day to shine. Smile, be happy and engage with people. Come out from behind your stall and make people feel welcome.
Please do NOT read a book, look bored, text, check your social media accounts or sit on the phone for extended periods of time.
Be proactive and upbeat, say hello to shoppers ("can I help you" or "are you after a particular size") offer suggestions, pull out different clothes in the same size etc.
Smiling at people as they walk by entices them to become customers.

Bring a tablecloth

A naked table does not flatter or show off your goods to their best potential. A tablecloth assists with presentation and shoppers will be more attracted to shop with you if your goods are presented well. If possible, use a plain white tablecloth. You can buy one here for less than £2.00.

Don’t bring too much stuff!

Please do not bring too much with you. Buyers find it off putting if they have to rummage through mountains of stuff. Don’t put too many items on the floor in front of your stall as customers won’t be able to reach over to your table, they won’t buy from you and will spend their money on the stalls that are better presented and more accessible.
As your customers pass by they need to be able to see what you have on sale from a glance and then will be pulled in when they see something they like. The most successful stalls are those which display a variety of items clearly.
It is better to bring out more items as you go along, rather than putting it all out at once.
Great tip: Make sure you check the size of your space and know that your display fits. Measure and mark out your stall on a floor at home and place the items that you wish to sell in that space, this will give you an idea of what goods to take along on the day of the event.

Attach photos

Use the space behind your table to display larger items such as cots and playpens etc.


Larger items should be dismantled, we advise attaching a photo to the item, presenting it when erected.

Presentation is important

Like most things in life, by taking a little time in the preparation phase, you can maximise your opportunity for success.


Wash and iron all clothing items, clean shoes, wipe down toys, books etc.


It may be time consuming but it does make a difference to the price buyers will pay for an item.

Label all your items with price tags

Put clearly visible price tags on your items, but be prepared to bargain and be flexible.


Shoppers prefer it if everything has a price tag on it. Sellers often bundle items together, for instance dozens of toy cars and other small items, then place the goods in storage boxes and label the box “All items inside 50p” etc.

Carrier bags/float

Try to bring some carrier bags and a float with some change, people may pay for a £1.00 item with a £20.00 note and most people will forget their own bags!

Do NOT overprice your items...  PRICE LOW!

Be realistic about your pricing; remember it is primarily a secondhand sale and even though you may have LOVED an item that your child wore or played with, most buyers come to the events looking for a great deal or a bargain. Price low and sell oodles more!


Don’t worry, this does not mean you won’t make enough money; the most profitable stallholders are those who sell more items and sell them cheap. This works well for both stallholders and shoppers, as you make more money by selling volumes, the shoppers get more bargains and you don't have to take much (if anything) home with you!

Change the price of your items

Don’t be afraid to alter prices as the event goes on.


If you want to sell as much as possible by the end, reduce your prices or sell items as 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 etc.

Bring a clothes rail

Put your clothing on hangers and sort them by gender, size and type (maternity wear, baby grows, t-shirts, pants etc.). This is a much quicker and easier way for your shoppers to find what they want as many people do not like sorting through piles and piles of stuff aimlessly and it doesn’t mess up your stall when people are browsing.


It also means that you have more room on your table for toys, books or other items. Sorting also helps you to quickly find items to recommend to buyers. For example, you may ask “Is there something in particular you are looking for?” and “in what size?” then you are able to quickly locate suitable items.

Refer to our Safety Tips

We recommend that potential customers of our events read these tips, so please bear this in mind when deciding which items to bring. For reasons of health and hygiene some goods should not be considered for sale such as beakers and cups, dummies, potties or potty training seats.


The safety tips also include advice about bike helmets, car seats, pushchairs and buggies, highchairs, toys, mattresses, cots and more... view our Saftey Tips here

Provide us with feedback

Please let us know if you have any feedback following the event. We can only improve or change things if we know about them.

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