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Second Hand Baby Sale


Looking for affordable clothes and toys for your new born baby? Have you ever considered second hand items?


We know that when a baby is born, it can become extremely difficult in terms of finance. Any support for you is appreciated in such difficult times. Even though your child will out weight any financial difficulties, it still makes life that little bit more stressful.
Here at Cheeki Monkeys we want to help all parents across the UK. How do we want to help? With our second hand baby sales. We have a range of second hand baby sales up and down the UK, and they’re always a great success. The benefit of our baby and children’s nearly new sales across the UK is that you can be sure to save up to 90% on clothes and toys that you would have brought brand new. Although they are second hand, the items are still in great condition and easily cleaned like new for your baby.


Babies grow so fast. One minute they’re wearing that cute striped jumper, the next they’re too big for it. One minute they can be playing with their new monkey toy, and the next they no longer play with it. Babies change as they grow and so buying new items isn’t always the best answer.

When they do stop or grow out of certain items, you can then come back to us and sell it on to more new parents. That’s the benefit with Cheeki Monkeys, we benefit the new parents as well as allow experienced parents to declutter and make some cash back with our market stalls.


Visit our website now for more information. 

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