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Second Hand Children's Equipment UK

Children grow fast. One day they’re a little baby, then they’re crawling around the house, and then it’s suddenly their first day of school.
All parents know of the financial constraints of bringing up children, and any way that can help you to be slightly better off is a bonus. You can be sure that with our purpose here at Cheeki Monkeys we can really help you.

If you’re looking for a new toy for your child to play with, or they’ve grown out of their old clothes, then why not check out the second hand children’s equipment we have on sale up and down the UK? It is a great way to save money but still get the best equipment, toys and clothing for your children.


Here at Cheeki Monkeys we hold many markets. We don’t independently source the toys, clothes and products, that’s where families from across the UK help us. They set up a stall with us at one of our indoor pop-up markets, and offer their toys to many other families. It can be a great day out, and an excuse to natter and shop!

Come to the website, see what market is near you and come along, feel free to bring your children along too!

You can book a stall with us on our website too. Once you have, then you are ready to go with selling your second hand children’s equipment. 

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